Phil Wrzesinski

I’m a retailer just like you.

I’ve been working retail since the age of seven when Gramps paid me 10 cents an hour to put price tags on boxes in 1973.

I was on the sales floor, work permit in hand for my first Christmas season in 1980.

I’ve been honing my management and leadership skills full time since my dad hired me away in 1993 from a career in Team Building.



What do I know about retail? If you’ll allow me to brag…Retail Superstars Book

Enough to get my store, Toy House and Baby Too, to be named one of the 25 Best Independent Stores in America in the book Retail Superstars by George Whalin (2009).

Enough to stare down the big box stores and walk away with a larger share of my local toy market than any one of those guys.



I also do what you’re about to do – take classes.

I studied the greatest minds in retail and advertising and business to learn what I needed to do to keep my store at the pinnacle. Now I’m sharing what I have learned (and am still learning) with you.



Phil with Entrepreneurial Vision Award (Web)Fortunately, I’m good at sharing. Good enough that in 2011 the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce awarded me the Entrepreneurial Vision Award.

I love to teach!

I taught classes on how to shop for toys & baby products and how to encourage play in your family. I teach classes for expectant daddies to help prepare them for their new life as a parent. I teach business owners like you how to grow your business to new levels.

When you participate in one of my presentations, you will get stories, real life examples, proven theories, and tested programs that work for all types of businesses. You will laugh. You will think. You will be forced to look at your world with new perspective.



NTSD 2012 Toy Giveaway 8 Web

This isn’t academia. This is tried and true retailing lessons from a retailer who lived it, used it, tweaked it, learned from it, and used it some more. This is the best of the best culled from experts around the world and used by a retailer who had triple the market share of your typical independent store.

Are you ready to join me at the next level? Sign up today!


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