Taking Notes

The curriculum of the Jackson Retail Success Academy™ is designed to help you run your business smarter in every phase. These aren’t just some gimmicks to try or someone else’s program that doesn’t quite fit your business. You will learn tried and true tools and techniques custom-built for your business to shore up your weak areas and make your strong areas shine even brighter.

This is what you will learn…


If you don’t know your goals, how will you know when you reach them?

This segment will help you develop and understand the foundation upon which all of your work is done. You will set realistic goals for your business. You will uncover the values that are already guiding you subconsciously and learn how to harness their power consciously. You will build the rock-solid foundation that will guide you to the success you want.


Famed retailer John Wanamaker said it best, “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The problem is, I don’t know which half.” Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on advertising every year. Most of it poorly.

This segment covers everything from how advertising works to the best ways to use social media to marketing on a shoestring budget to learning the secrets to getting the press to talk about you. You will learn best practices for marketing your store whether your ad budget is $500 or $50,000. You will learn how to create memorable messages that move customers to your business and how to get far more out of your advertising dollars than any of your competitors.

Handing Shopping Bags


This is your calling card. This is where you need to outshine the competition.

This segment will teach you everything you need to know to raise your customer service levels above and beyond the customer’s expectations. You will learn the truth behind word-of-mouth and what gets customers to talk about you both good and bad, including four ways you can start generating positive word-of-mouth right away.  You will learn how to exceed customer expectations at every turn without giving away the bank. You will learn how to create a culture within your business that has other businesses asking you your secrets.

Flushing Money


You have to do math to be successful. You have to know how to read your Financial Statements and interpret what they tell you. You have to be able to understand simple Inventory Management calculations that help you maintain good cash flow. Otherwise you may just be flushing your money away.

This segment will teach you the Retail Math in simple, easy-to-understand terms. You will learn about Open-to-Buy programs for keeping your inventory levels in check. You will learn proper pricing techniques that maximize sales and profits. You will learn how to read and interpret a Balance Sheet and Income Statement (also called Profit & Loss Statement). You will learn ways to increase both cash and profits so that you can finally afford that vacation you’ve been wanting.


The final step in your growth is to find the top level employees that work in your business so that you can work on it. Even if you are just a one or two employee operation today, to get to the next level you’re going to need to hire some people.

Pottery ArtThis segment teaches you everything you need to know from finding the right people to training them the right way. You’ll learn how to create a job profile. You’ll learn questioning techniques that will make interviews like reading an open book. You’ll learn how to set up a consistent training program and how to get the most out of your staff through continual development. It sounds hard, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to turn your staff into a work of art.

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