When you attend the Jackson Retail Success Academy™, you will add the following tools to your Retail Toolbox:Toolbox Small

  • A Character Diamond – The Core Values of your business that will guide everything you do, make your decisions easier, and your marketing more powerful.
  • Concrete Goals  – None of that wishy-washy stuff. This class makes you drill it down and identify specific, achievable goals.
  • Four New Ways to Create Word-of-Mouth – You’ll get people talking about your business before the class is even finished!
  • A New Perspective on Customer Service – You’ll learn how to consistently delight your customers in your own unique way.
  • The Blueprint for a Stronger Staff  – You’ll identify the key traits your people need to succeed and how to create the culture that fosters their growth and yours.
  • Better, Smarter, More Effective Advertising – You’ll learn secrets that only a handful of businesses know that get greater results per dollar than any of your competitors.
  • Three Formulas that put Cash in YOUR Pocket – Most businesses have heard of these formulas. Some can calculate them. You will know how to use them to your financial advantage.

On top of all that, when you successfully graduate, you get the following: 

  • One Year Membership in the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce
  • $100 Reimbursement for attending an industry trade show/conference
  • A Mentor to call or email for advice and encouragement
  • One full year of Advertising Support including help finding your message, creating a campaign and buying ad packages
  • A Network of current and previous JRSA™ graduates for support and encouragement
  • Half-Price Tuition for any future JRSA™ programs

When you’re ready to add these tools to your Retail Toolbox, sign up here!

Cost is $799 per business ($399 for alumni). Class size is limited to the first ten businesses to sign up

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