It’s much harder! Rocket Science is simply math where you can actually solve all the variables. Retail has variables that never get solved.



You’re here because you’re a retailer. You already know a lot about your products. You’ve read articles on customer service and marketing. You’ve tried a few things, some of which worked, some that didn’t. You know there is a better way. You’ve put in the long hours, figuring that experience will eventually teach you that better way.

That’s the problem with experience. It never teaches you everything and it always takes too long.

Until now!



What if you could jump start your own learning curve by drawing on the experience of other successful retailers? What if you could get all the smartest minds in retail together and cull from their experiences?

That’s what Jackson Retail Success Academy™ is all about.

JRSA™ takes lessons from the brightest minds in retail, in customer service, marketing & advertising, retail math, and hiring and training, and condenses them down into a teachable format that will send you light years ahead on the learning curve.

If you have ever said, “There must be a better way…” you’ve found it!



JRSA™ offers two ways to grow your business :

Both are designed to give you tools and techniques that will shorten your learning curve, help you attract and retain more customers, and grow your business.



I know the burning questions you’re asking right now.Question Mark

  • How much will the Academy cost?
  • How long will it take?

The cost for the Academy is $799 per business. That includes two people from your business. You and a manager. You and your spouse. You and someone you’re grooming for succession. (Click here to learn all you get for your investment.)

The time commitment for the Academy is five nights from 6pm to 10pm. Yeah, those seem like long hours, but unlike a weekend retreat, you get time between each lesson to implement what you’ve learned. You get to learn it one topic at a time. Better yet, you get to sleep in your own bed. You don’t have to pay to travel. (Click here for class details.)

The cost for the Spotlight on Success classes is $250 each. That includes two people from your business and all the great content from selected segments of the full academy. (Click here for class details and benefits.)

The time commitment for the Spotlight class is a single four-hour class. You don’t get the full benefits that you do for taking the full academy, but you will learn amazing, mind-blowing tips, tools, and techniques that will grow your business.



Growing PlantYou might not be ready for this now. You don’t think you have the time. You don’t think you have the money. You don’t think you’ll learn anything new.

My grandfather always said that when you’re ready to grow, you’ll make the time and find the money to commit.

There is only one catch. The Academy and Spotlight classes only happen once a year and are limited to the first ten businesses to sign up. If you want to get over the hump next year, you need to sign up this year.

Need more convincing? Read up on the Course ContentsClass Benefits, and Testimonials. The full academy is practically a Master’s Degree in Retail in only five classes. The Spotlight on Success classes offer segments of the incredible content found in the full academy for a fraction of the cost.

Not in Jackson? Now you can get all this great content in your hometown. Check out JRSA™ ON THE ROAD.

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